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Doris Siemer

Doris has been involved with the Artists at SUI program since 2018. She has and continues to explore a variety of mediums during her time in the studio. She particularly loves working on nature-inspired watercolor and acrylic paintings, sewing cozy and functional items (for herself, loved ones and church members), and working with yarn (small loom weavings and rug punch needle projects). Doris is currently working on a multi-layered painting of birch trees, a tulip punch needle piece, and sewing fleece mittens for her great niece and nephews. Doris has a goal for 2022 to make a large cozy blanket for her bed.

When asked about when she first became interested in art, Doris said, “I started drawing in grade school. I remember coming home from school as a kid and just getting a pencil and paper and practicing drawing whatever I saw. I remember that my mom sewed all of the time and taught me how to sew. I think of her a lot when I am sewing in the art studio.”

Doris comes to the SUI Art studio twice a week, where she works alongside other Artists and has experienced and supportive staff to assist her with learning about and creating whatever she wants to . 

“Before the Art Program, I used to just sit around. Art gives me something to do. It helps me think about new and different things. When I do art, I feel better.”

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